Kevin Bäckström and Tor Lundström are back with another dose of sick snowboarding and good times in the latest episode of BYND x MDLS. In this one, the boys head out to Russia to fulfill their dream of representing Sweden at the Olympic games, although someone clearly forgot to tell them they're a little late...

(All photos: Dasha Nosova)

Sochi, Russia - home of the 2014 winter Olympics, was the focus of an absolute shitstorm of media attention just over one year ago, with a ton of both negative and positive press surrounding the Olympic machine.

BYND X MDLS Sochi-0542

Neither of the boys made it out there the first time around, and so Kevin and Tor thought it would be sick to head out to Sochi exactly one year later, to discover how the world's biggest sporting event left its mark on the country and resort.

BYND X MDLS Sochi-3560

In between chilling on the rings, and participating in some kind of bizarre bungee Olympic drinking game, there was plenty of powder to be had out in the Russian mountains, and Kevin, Tor and homie Brendan Gerard certainly didn't hesitate to make the most of it.

BYND X MDLS Sochi-0713

Mellow turns, heli drops, street spots, park kickers and some heavy lines are all part of the penultimate episode of BYND x MDLS and we're hyped to see that at least one crew made it back out to Sochi this year to remember the madness that went down at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

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