BYND X MDLS is coming in hot with episode 2! Watch what went down when Kevin Bäckstrom and Tor Lundström hit up the Frontline Railjam in Sweden, get loose on the NoToBo premiere tour and send it on a hectic heli shoot in Stubai. This one's a banger!

Early season snowboarding rules. From the packed-out inner city rail jams, to the first few hits of the winter up on the glaciers, it's a time to get your stomping legs back and not take stuff too serious.

That's exactly what Kevin Bäckström and Tor Lundström got up to in episode 2 of BYND x MDLS 2015. First up was the Frontline Railjam in Sweden - one of the original and best rail jams in the world right now, before the boys get loose with the Helgasons on their NoToBo tour.

The cherry on top of this proverbial early-season cake is the Stubai Session where, Kevin, Tor, Ethan Morgan and Halldor Helgason go ballistic on the Prime Park setup.

From crazy stylish no-grab spins, to triple corks, to shifty-shiftys and a super tech flatspun 1440, there is some amazing snowboarding in here, captured by ever-reliable drone cameras.

Check it out now!

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