Hot on the heels of the last episode, Burton Presents 2017 is back with another dream team, this time with Mikkel Bang, Mikey Rencz and Mark Sollors taking on the Whistler backcountry. That's after the full team has made the most of the most British-looking BBQ ever. And after Bang gets a new tattoo after trying to go camping on the beach and getting sand in his crack.

The riding is on point, as you'd naturally expect from the Big B. You might have caught of few of Sollors' shot in the latest Absinthe movie but even so, they're well worth a repeated viewing. However, Mikkel's huge front dub ten nose at the 4.12 mark is the banger for us. That, and some of the tree-planting trickery we glimpsed in The Fourth Phase.

Three down, two to go. This year's Burton Presents keeps on truckin'.