burn Energy have done another good with another good web series, this time in the form of a campervan trip through New Zealand with their Scandinavian team.

burn have a history of producing some fine cinematography including the seminal 'We Ride - A History of Snowboarding' documentary that dropped a few seasons back as well as their interactive snowboard film #RideAgain.

This time they take Ståle Sandbech, Sven Thorgren, Len Jørgensen, Zebbe Landmark, Jonas Steen and Anton Bilare on a traipse through the wilderness of New Zealand's South Island.

Interestingly enough Ed Leigh, served as the Unit Producer on the series. Ed took a trip with Nokia and Burton Snowboards, last year to document life on the other hemisphere for a piece called 'Nokia Transitions' - perhaps his local knowledge helped the creative process for burn?

The piece is proper good as well - you can check it out here.

Any whom, without further ado, hit the left and right keys to scroll through the 5 episodes!

The world is a big place. It can be the most exciting place, but can also get pretty lonely. Our six burn snowboarders kick off this road trip of a lifetime around the South Island of New Zealand, discussing the in’s and out’s of leaving home to follow their dreams to become professional snowboarders.

Episode 2 takes the Trailblazers to Kaikoura, NZ for a spot of very cold water surfing. Well and truly on the road now, the guys discuss the importance of being together when experiencing what life has to offer. Whether pushing each other as riders, or something as simple as building a campfire together, life only gets better when you share it with others.

As the Trailblazers venture inland, they take on a treacherous wild boar hunt. As they trudge through ice-cold water for hours, will it provide fruitful? Sometimes things go your way, and other times they don’t, but there is only one direction, and that is forward.

As the Trailblazers hit the wild West Coast of the South Island the atmosphere changes. Prehistoric plants, and endless coastlines are home to interesting characters that prefer a quiet isolated life. Sometimes being a professional athlete can also seem like being in a secluded bubble. Whether on a far away mountain peak, or travelling solo from contest to contest, the crew discuss time alone and how to make the most of it.

The energy ramps up as the trip starts to draw to a close. Time to test our riders at what they do best. The ultimate snowboarders challenge lies ahead. Riding steep lines whilst going heli-boarding in some of the wildest terrain of the Southern Lakes. Some riders are experienced in the backcountry whilst for others it’s a first. The conditions are tenuous. Time to shine!