From the land that has a language with too many vowels, comes BNGR MOB, a project from Finnish riders Antti Komulainen, Joonas Eloranta, Lasse Ihalainen, Samu Mikkonen and Tatu Toivanen. What Finland lacks in pronounceable names, they do make up for in hammer urban riding.

In their own words, it was the worst winter that they'd ever seen, so to produce a 4 minute edit with some seriously tech riding that has some bigger gaps than the Marina Trench, is a seriously impressive feat.

There also seems to be a significant number of wooden handrails, which is risky biscuits to say the least. Check the the nosepress 180 out at 3:00 in, on the wooden rail of death - that's a big ol' bucket of nope as far as we're concerned.

Hopefully this season will bring a bit more of the white gold to the land that has the most heavy metal bands per capita in the world. Maybe some vowels as well...

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