'Because of snowboarding' is a brand new web series featuring Ride Snowboards Team members - Austin Hironaka, Hana Beaman, Alex Cantin, Marco Feichtner, Sebastien Toutant, and Jake Blauvelt. Each short film is dedicated to highlighting a different pro rider, and captures the personal stories and intimacy each rider has with snowboarding.

In the first episode Ride introduces Hana Beaman. Hana's been snowboarding for quite long now considering she was awarded TWS rookie of the year back in 2002. Since than she's been collecting major accomplishments, including three Winter X-Games Silvers, numerous covers of magazines, and she recently produced her own web series titled “P.S. with Hana Beaman" and the womans snowboard film "Intervals" . As you can see in the video, Hana is pretty badass! She rides motorcycles, snowmobiles and charge some serious drops. Now you have a unique chance to see what Hana thinks about all of this. Enjoy!