This week's Slam Of The Week is an example of what can happen when a high consequence road gap goes very wrong.

While filming for the Sandbox movie Day and Age a couple of years back, Beau Bishop drew the short straw and ended up having to speed check the Hurley Road Gap in Pemberton, BC. Unfortunately, his backside 7 came up way too short, and Beau ended up crunching into the cat track from some serious height.

Beau ended up with 2 broken vertebrae and a heel that was "shattered into a million pieces" - not how you want your first hit at a spot to go, that's for sure.

It's always better to hit features like this faster rather than slower, although of course, it's always easier to wish you'd taken a little more speed with hindsight.

After hearing that thump, and bone-tingling scream, we're treated to some super nice shots that Beau managed to log before this particular season ender, as well as parts from Kevin Sansalone and Wiley Tesseo.