The third and final part of Bear Mountain's 'Built From Scratch' has arrived and is packed to the rafters with some insane snowboarding in a true snowboarders paradise. Scott Stevens' ender is a must watch!

This year, Bear Mountain split their annual movie up into three parts and the third and final one is arguably the best yet. Hit play above to watch some technical riding from the likes of Brett Wilkinson and Cody Williams, some dual shredding with Lucas Magoon and Scott Blum, some mind-blowing whirlybird boarding from everyone's favourite Russian export Denis Leontyev and one hell of an ender segment from the creative wizard that is Scott Stevens.

Featured riders: Brett Wilkinson, Quinn Dubois, Kody Williams, Chris Mullins, Jye Kearney, Cole Linzmeyer, Jesse Paul, Denis Leontyev, Scott Blum, Lucas Magoon, Big Mike and Scott Stevens