Bear Mountain have released the first part of their new movie, featuring a bunch of heavy hitters getting their freak on in one of the original and best meccas of park snowboarding!

What we wouldn't give to spend a winter riding at Bear Mountain. With a mountain consisting of one giant park, Big Bear has been an almost permanent feature in many snowboarder's wet dreams. It's little surprise then that the resort attracts some of the world's finest park riders and it's also no surprise that Bear want to shout about the fact.

Following their movie from last year 'Bearmation', their new movie project is titled 'Built From Scratch' and features a cast of heavy hitters showing the very best of what the resort has to offer. Part one features some great riding from the likes of Scotty Vine, Chris Bradshaw and Zak Hale and we're already looking forward to part 2!

Featured riders in order of appearance: Scott Vine, Lenny Mazzotti, Jake Schaible, Justin Mulford, John Castro, Johnny Miller, Chris Bradshaw, Zak Hale