Surf the Earth with Curtis Woodman is back for a second series, and in all honesty it probably won't help with the Monday blues. Coming in hot from Wyoming, Curtis gets a sledneck crew together to get creative in the backcountry. For a state thats sport is the rodeo, Curtis can't be far off converting them to snowboarding.

Joined by fellow Arbor-ites Erik Leon and Joe Bosler, they waste no time in getting tit deep at Jacksons Hole - Erik's unique loose, almost longboard inspired riding style is one of the more unique out there, but it's sick to see someone tackle the mountain like that.

Joe Bosler is a bit of an unknown to us - he had a sick segment in last months 'Miracle March' from 686, but apart from that he's been under the radar. Either way, we're pretty damn excited to see where else on Earth these chaps are gonna surf.