The new chapter in Antti Autti's web series, Statements, breaks snowboarding down to its most elemental particles: turning and burning. Caution: watching this will make you want to strap in and RIDE.

"Simple turns in the right place like a perfect bank can be the most rewarding feat in snowboarding & that's why I want to focus on it to get most fun out of the day on the mountain." - Nicholas Wolken

Riders: Antti Autti, Nicholas Wolken, David Djite, Takumi Nagai

Filming: Teemu Lahtinen, Jukka Kiistala, Alvaro Vogel, Haruhito Mori

Editing: Teemu Lahtinen / Northlightpictures

Song: How Dark Was The Land

Performed by: Death Hawks

Album: Death & Decay