After circumnavigating the earth on his hunt for pow, Antti Autti discovers some of the sickest conditions of the season on his doorstep in Northern Finland. Book us a ticket to Pyhä, please...

Exploring new places is one of the biggest part of Freeriding & finding something new right in your backyard makes it extra special.

Pyhä Ski Resort is located next to one the most famous national parks in Finland and It's the closest big resort near snowboarder Antti Autti's home. Antti has travelled the world for a decade and during this time he started to feel like he might be missing some opportunities to ride great snow near home. As Finnish Lapland was having one the best snow years Antti & his crew decided to go film in Pyhä.

The discovery for the potential in resort and national park changed their idea of how good the natural terrain snowboarding can be in Finland.

Sponsored by: Pyhä Ski Resort, Northwave Drake, Shred Optics, Slytech Protection, Haglöfs, Neste

Featured by: Antti Autti, Saku Tiilikainen

Filmed by: Matti Ollila, Teemu Lahtinen / Kota Collective

Edited by: Matti Ollila / Kota Collective

Graphics By: Jani Kärppä - Kota Collective

Produced by:

Antti Autti - Anttisworld

Pyhä Ski resort

Music by:

Salomon Ligthelm - ¨Lives Are Threads¨

Dexter Britain - ¨In The Electric Fields¨

Death Hawks - ¨Dream Machine¨