The second instalment of Antti Autti's project just dropped, and if you love powder you'll go nuts for this!

Antti Autti, Nicholas Wolken & Kohei Kudo ride deep powder in land of the rising sun.

Yukiguni also known as Snow Country is a place that receives a huge amount of snow because of the northern winds coming across the sea of Japan. The winds accumulate moisture over the sea and deposit it as snow when running up against the mountains. The snow reaches up to five meters and can sometimes even isolate towns & villages.

It's also well worth checking out Episode 1 of Antti Autti's Statements.

Riders: Antti Autti, Kohei Kudo, Nicholas Wolken

Filming: Teemu Lahtinen, Jukka Kiistala, Alvaro Vogel

Editing: Teemu Lahtinen / Northlightpictures

Sponsors: Northwave, Drake, EpicTv, Transform Gloves, Neste

Media Partners:,

song: Goatslaves

performed by: Goat