Finnish contest slayer-turned backcountry soulman Antti Autti struck out in a campervan on a road trip through northern Scandinavia. Scoring bangers and giving you tips on taking your own backcountry adventures, this is one to watch to bring on the winter-lust.

Neste x Antti Autti Road Trip starts. Living in a camper under the mountains & having friends capture the moments doesn´t sound bad at all. That is exactly what the series is all about. Antti headed to northern Scandinavia to search for fun riding and good times.

Episode 2. Antti & crew continue their trip to Lyngen, Norway. Sun was shining & although snow up higher was wind effect there was still nice pockets in the trees to be found.

3rd episode of Neste x Antti Autti Road Trip is all about tree riding in Tamok, Norway and innovative products that make the approaches in the mountain environment easier.

Final episode of Neste road trip takes Antti & film crew back to Lyngen, Norway. After funny warm run they end up attacking some of the best terrain of the trip.