Keegan Valaika is one of the most refreshing and progressive jibbers of our generation. Filled with as much fire and creativity as raw talent, Keegan has never been afraid to live life and snowboard exactly the way that he wants. Put simply, the kid's a boss. Watch his Welcome to Adidas edit to see exactly why.

Keegan Valaika is a truly unique snowboarder. Though his career path has at times been an unpredictable one, the ups and downs have only served to make him more determined to do things exactly how he wants to do them. As a kid from Laguna Beach California who became engulfed in the shred mecca that is Bear Mountain, Keegan quickly became somewhat of a child prodigy. His style of riding was filled with energy, his raw talent was obvious and he eventually found himself a mainstay on the global Burton team.

Today, Keegan rides for underground brand Bozwreck snowboards and has co-founded his own clothing company Gnarly. he has filmed some classic parts over the years and to this day remains one of the most influential jibbers on the planet.

Keegan's Welcome to Adidas edit provides a rich and insightful window into the career and lifestyle of this mysterious snowboarder and features a whole bunch of archival and more current riding footage to remind you exactly why he has earned the respect of his many fans and peers.

We're always hyped to see new stuff from Keegan and are stoked that a big brand like Adidas have got his back.