Adidas have dropped the third of six welcome edits for their brand new snowboard team - this time for facial fuzz flying, freestyle force to be reckoned with, Eric Jackson.

You really don't need us to remind you that E-Jack is a frickin' boss. Eric grew up in the heart of the Eastern Sierra mountains in California and cut his teeth as a grom in the massive snow parks and backcountry of Mammoth Mountain. Driven to push his riding by his influential big bro John Jackson, Eric got seriously good, seriously quick and was soon filming parts with Standard Films.

In 2011, Eric blew minds with his part in People Films' 'Good Look' which earned him Transworld's Men' Video Part of the year. More recently Eric embarked on an epic journey with his big bro from Alaska all the way down to the most southerly reaches of South America. Brother's on the Run was a massive hit and helped to raise E-Jack's profile even further.

From massive Alaskan cliff drops to tech double corks into pow, Eric Jackson is one rider whose snowboarding truly speaks for itself.