Absinthe have chopped together a bunch of slams from the filming of their latest movie 'Dopamine' and some of the them are down and out brutal!

Everyone that has ever stepped on a snowboard knows that stuff doesn't get landed first time - even when your'e as sick at snowboarding as the Absinthe crew. Watch what went into getting the shots in this classic slams edit. How horrific does Cale Zima's nose catch on that monster handrail look?

In Absinthe's words:

"It's not ALL 'fame and glory' in front of the camera when filming snowboarders - it's also 'going down in flames' and 'gory'. This is the story of the latter. Watch this video and witness how even the best riders in the world attempt, but more importantly, fail! These snowboarders, the Dopamine crew, push the limits, but every now and again the limits push back and kick the crap out of them. Good on them for getting back up and doing it again until it's seamless. Freaking commendable"

Freaking commendable indeed. Check out the other episodes of Flipside here!