We're resurrecting our 'Slam of the Week' feature today, and what a slam to do it on. This one is not for the faint hearted!

Italian Rusty Toothbrush Giacomo Errichiello stomped the mother of all faceplants around 7 months ago, which, understandably, didn't end up pretty.

Seven of his teeth were broken, and one of them was suspected lost forever, only to be later uncovered in the snow and returned to it's rightful owner. Praise the lord.

The footage that follows is certainly not for the squeamish and definitely best avoided if you have eaten, or plan on eating anytime soon.

From Rusty Toothbrush:

The famous crash that made Jack become the first true and only current Rusty Toothbrush. CAUTION CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT.

Giacomo Errichiello is arguably the most famous of all the Rusty Toothbrushes.

His big heart, amazing style and killer smile are just some of the reasons way this man is in almost every video we make.

Unfortunately about 7 months ago Jack took a pretty nasty crash witch until now has ever been seen, if you are a little squeamish at the sight of blood and missing teeth then I recommend you perhaps pass on this.