Nice thing to come into on a Thursday morning. Feast your eyes on John Jackson's full part from Forum, Foursquare & Special Blend's heavy team flick, F' It. It is one hell of a part.

Just watch this now, Ok. The intro is epic, the editing is epic, the tune is epic... and the riding is, well, it's just a balls-out brutal assault on the BC. No wonder he bagged himself Video Part of the Year for this section in the Program brands' team movie.

It's a full-on masterclass of backcountry, natural terrain freestyle snowboarding. Two-song parts don't come around all that often in this game, and it's after the psychedelic wailings of Jefferson Airplane have calmed down and Iggy Pop kicks in that JJ really gets going.

In the age of double and triple corking insanity, it's arguably his monster halfcab triple cliff line that had us most pumped - reminds us of Jim Rippey in TB3 on steroids - but fear not, there's still plenty of double dipping to appease the Zeitgeist and the last couple of hits are frankly mental. The boy just SENDS it. Watch this now.