You know that movie The Art of Flight? Well this is like the total the opposite. VHS ain't dead yet, bitches!

These dudes went out and ripped pow, filmed it on something old enough to be their dads and then recorded it through a cathode ray TV the likes of which you generally only see these days at flea markets for "nice price my friend." They're also doing a zine (albeit with a 21st century bent), which is pretty rad, and generally appear to be trying to make 2013 the new 1983. There's going to be more from these gents, as the chat confirms...

"HOLIDAZE" is WARP WAVE'S first video installment, filmed over the month of December. With snowboarding by Eric Messier, Gray Thompson, Brendan Gerard, Curtis Woodman, Alex Scott and Ben Rice, "HOLIDAZE" depicts early season pow riding in Tahoe enjoyed by this group of friends. Enjoy watching these fun snowboarding sessions and stay tuned for more from WARP WAVE.

Filmed by the riders themselves and Paul Heran, edited by Gray and Eric.

Sponsored in part by COMUNE, Arcade, Bozwreck, and Spring Break Snowboards.

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