The park at Grasgehren looks killer! Throwing together a whole load of homies, getting the beers flowing and munching on a burger will always be a recepie for a good time, and that's exactly what went down at the session. Don't miss the next one!

When the ISPO 2016 opened this doors last Sunday, the Grasgehren Crew presented their new Set Up and invited for the Völkl Beers´N´Burger Session for the 17th edition. They build some fun waves and an easyline for the kids and ordered a new pipe and set a new adidas snowboarding spine bank.
Efficient snowfalls permitted to build a Spine Jump, a london gap and Blue Tomato pimped up a double downrail. In addition you got free beers, free burger and free killerfish energy. The next Beers´N´Burger Session takes place on the 20th February. For more informations visit

Riders in order of appearance: Patrick Schweizer, Tajo Seefried, Tobi Hartmuth.

Filmed and edited by Florian Mayer

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