Firstly, there's the official "Three Minutes in the Camp of Champions Park - Week B 2011" video, featuring a lot of Euros as well as some big guns from the North of America: Jon Versteeg, Marc Swoboda, Alex Tank, Viktor Simco, Jake Kuzyk, Alex Beebe, Alex Stathis, Ben Bilocq, Matt Belzile, Jody Wachniak, Seb Toots, David Carrier Porcheron, Ryan Hall, Rusty Ockenden, Alex Andrews and Ludwig Lejkner.

Then, Footyfiend released their very own edit, featuring Cody Wilson, Keenan Filmer, Kai Ujejski, Luke Harrison, Al Stathis and friends. They even include a wee bit of session C, so there you go. Banging summer camp action in both clips!