If you haven't heard the news yet, Torstein Horgmo hurt himself pretty badly during slopestyle practice yesterday and is out of the Olympics. Snowboarding is bummed, we're bummed and we're sure as hell that Torstein is bummed too.

Some sketchy iPhone footage of his slam has emerged and it looks pretty damn nasty to say the least. Switch hardway backside 270 gone pretty wrong indeed. Staircases aren't nice to land on at the best of times and are even bigger bitches when your shoulder ends up trying to get friendly with them.

The real question is, was this simply a misclaculated pop off the lip or is the course at least partly to blame? It's pretty much common knowledge that some riders have been complaining about it (as they would any other course) but was that really the cause of Torstein's injury? Take a look at the POV run through the course that surfaced earlier today and let us know what you guys think...

Heal up good Torstein!