Their name might be quirky, but the Scandinavian It's on TV Internet crew has been shaking things up for a while with really good web clips. Now get this: They are actually going to release a full-length film, which they are going to call 'Framed'. It's amazing. Here's all the additional information from their Vimeo post:

It´s on Tv internet presents the Official Teaser for the first full length snowboard/action/everything you want to see/ film that we call "FRAMED".

This snowboard film that you really wanna see features your favorite riders such as:

Nils Arvidsson

Jonas "Bonus" Carlson

Jonathan Nilsson

Ludwig Lejkner

Niklas Mattsson

Karl-Anton Svensson

Jonny Daredevil

Anton Gunnarsson

Johan Karlsson

Zebastian Landmark

Philip Landmark

& Other Friends

FRAMED will be on an Internet near you in October!

FRAMED is a film produced by Jonas Wilhelmsson & Mårten Daag, it´s filmed by Mårten Daag & Alexander Davidsson.