Ok, so Tuukka's not actually a pro snowboarder these days, but the legendary Finn and occasional Onboard contributor's riding's good enough for Antti Autti's Relate to It crew to fill up hard drive space with. Face shots for days. Yeah Tuukka!

Antti says, "My friend Tuukka Tams is man of many talents. Musician, skateboarder, journalist, snowboarder and, most importantly, a great guy. He came to Japan with us to make story about my Relate to It project. While we were filming and setting up features Tuukka kept on slashing everything front of him. Here is some really fun looking footage from Asahidake, Japan."

It helps that Tuukka clearly knows how to operate a snowboard (he had more than a couple shots in our print mag back in the day), but nevertheless... journalists bagging online parts? We have a shot at the big time then! God save the internet!