Central European video production crew True Color Films have just dropped the second chapter of their new movie Day by Day. This time, the crew shreds Europe's many faces, mostly around Innsbruck and the Arlberg.

Now go and check out Day by Day chapter 1.

Riders:Thomas "Fuego" Feurstein, Lisa Filzmoser, Nicholas Wolken, Stephan Maurer René Schnöller and Alvaro Vogel

Filmed by: Martin Potocnik, Neil Mowbray and Pirmin Juffinger

Additional cameras: Richard Prendergast

Edited by: Richard Prendergast

Produced by: Alvaro Vogel

Special thanks: Car Danchi Crew, Catskiing Canada, Monashee, FWA, Revelstoke, Val Senales - F-tech,

Sponsors: Burton, Nitro, Volcom, Drake, Northwave, Fanatic, Oakley, Thirthytwo, Etnies, Spy, Planet-Sport and Apo

Cover Picture: Rudi Whylidal

Rider: Thomas Feurstein

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