Travis Rice and the Brain Farm Crew with their wealth of fancy cameras hit up Aspen with the Frends dudes and others. Witness the Sickness on the set of the Art of Flight.

So, as you know, Travis, Curt and the Brain Farm guys are 3/4 of their way through shooting their follow up to That's It, That's All (check The Art of Flight teaser - not too shabby) and on their travels they stopped off in Aspen to hit up an ├╝ber wedge, some sick-looking snow tits and some fun hits with erstwhile companion Mark Landvik, the Frends boys - Luke & Jack Mitrani, Danny Davis, Scotty Lago - plus Mark McMorris, Eric Willett and Seb Toutant. Dream Team? Better believe it.

Check the funtimes and gawp at some of their camera rigs. Next level shit right there...