This is an edit made from the footage from Winter Park that didn't make the cut for last season's Airblaster-produced movie, Respect Your Elders. No triple corks but some creative lines, funboarding and, let's face it... IT'S GOT TRAVIS PARKER IN IT!

This probably means nothing to you if you're still in your teens, but Travis Parker was the boss in the early-to-mid 2000s. He took a break but now he's back on the old funstick and, though not quite scratching the creative heights he hit in his pomp it's rad to see him ride. Nostalgia: a beautiful thing. Brandon Cocard and Ben Lynch are good too and all in all this edit makes snowboarding look enjoyable, rather than the serious, branded mass-market TV product that's poised to take over the world from its secret base in a volcano with an army of chicks with machine guns in their boobies and indoctrinate the planet's future generations in to their hyper-twirling brand of snowboarding. Mwaaa haa haa.

There's every chance that too much coffee was drunk in the production of that last 'sentence'.