We told you Torstein was hot in the last post. You know that any chance to watch the boy shred should be grabbed with both eyeballs, like this promo for head cam makers Contour. That pillow drop is siiiiick!

In our earlier post on Torstein Horgmo joining the Planet Sports team, we stated that the Tripling Norseman's so hot right now that publishing anything featuring him would bring more as much traffic as posting a soapy tit wank. Strictly speaking this is untrue, as Google shows 476,000 results for 'Torstein Horgmo', and a mere 72,100 for 'soapy tit wank'. Having said that, even this may be misleading as everyone knows Google just makes those numbers up, the rats.

But even more interesting is that that 'Torstein Horgmo', while not being an anagram of 'soapy tit wank', is in fact an anagram of 'Storming Hooter', which is pretty much the same thing anyway.

Well, it's Friday and that was fun. Bon weekend and enjoy Storming Hooter's POV.