Norwegian ripper adds another 180 to this season's trick du jour... erm... saison and puts down the first backside triple 1620 on film.

"What can beat a triple 1440?" was the question at many a jump contest this season. Torgeir Bergrem now has the answer - he just stomped the world's first backside triple cork 1620, which is just a little bit mental. Canadian shredder Max Parrot came close to this trick - though whether it was by accident or design is unclear - at the X Games, but Torgeir is the first dude to stomp it on film. This is getting fucking nuts now.

If you speak Norwegian please feel free to chip in with a translation of what he says in the interview, but we're guessing it's something like "Pretty stoked, see you in Sochi bitches."

Torgeir Bergrem is a boss.