Take a first look at the Sochi 2014 Olympic slopestyle course with this GoPro POV video shot by Russian rider Alexey Sobolev.

As far as we can tell, this is the first video footage that has emerged of the slopestyle course ahead of Thursday morning's practice event.

Russian slopestyle specialist Alexey Sobolev slapped a GoPro on his head and took a super mellow run down the course. The first rail section looks fairly straight-forward, with a whole array of rails to choose from, including the one that Torstein Horgmo stacked on yesterday while trying a switch hardway backside 270 on, resulting in a broken collar bone.

The second section has a whole bunch of different rail features packed really, really close together - riders will definitely need a pretty clear idea of how they are going to tackle it.

The third rail section features three larger features designed for getting some airtime on, including cannon rails and a bonk feature.

Then it's into the triple jump line and contrary to some reports from riders saying they were packed with wutang, they actually looked fairly long and smooth to us. But then again, we're hardly the ones actually hitting them so what do we know? What we can gather from this clip is that they're pretty damn sizeable to say the least.

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