It's a classic for this week's Time Travel Tuesday as Mark Frank Montoya - aka MFM - Gs up, Hos down his way through his part in Kingpin Productions' Back in Black. Have a look...

For all his faux gangsta image and his bizarre new career as a guy who tells you how to make money, there's no doubt MFM is the man. After all, the G thang was just a gag, some people are apparently into becoming RICH BEYOND THEIR WILDEST DREAMS!!!, and the fact is that he became one of the definitions of style in the sport for many years. He even got to a point where he didn't even need to grab anymore (or spin for that matter - check the ollie at 1.22). MFM's also a snowboarder who enjoys slashing skiers, and even without the aforementioned this would be enough for us to give him the thumbs up.

In this part from Kingpin's early 2000's release Back in Black, MFM lip syncs to Kool G Rap's Thug for Life with mucho gusto. That set tongues wagging on its own, but there's no denying the shred skills on show here either. The double kicker line at 2.09 and the double cliff clearance at 2.35 are our personal highlights, but there's mo' to be sho'. Click play.