Our latest toe-dip into snowboarding's past sees Jamie Lynn, Dave Downing and Noah Salasnek in their heyday. Check it out.

1996 was 15 years ago. Being that we're all about triple corks and Olympic hoop jumping we were not even a drunken twinge in our fathers' lederhosen back then; we have no idea what 1996 was like. Course not. Turns out a) there was snowboarding and b) it was awesome and here's a triple part of radness from MDP's Stomping Grounds that we absolutely did NOT watch over and over until the tape burnt out in the shop where we didn't work after college. No sir.

Lynn, Downing and Salasnek were, according to our memor... er, Google, the reliable crew of go-to guys for progressive freestyle who would annually turn up in the Mack Dawg and Standard films and blow our minds. Or would have done it we weren't so young and cool. Getme blud.

Enough of this yakking, watch the part.