Last week we brought you Terje Haakonsen's banging part from Standard Films' Notice to Appear, and so this week, brought to you by tenuous TTR link, we have this classic part from Hear No Evil, featuring current TTR honcho Reto Lamm, along with judging don Dani 'Kiwi' Meier and a bunch of other likely lads.

When we were racking our brains for a clip for today's Time Travel Tuesday, we put the call out in the office: "What's like a classic, awesome snowboard movie from back in the day?" "Hear No Evil!" our Ed in Chief called out immediately, before legging it to clean up infant excrement. And, lo, here it is...

Reto, Kiwi and co. have it large, Tommy Brunner (RIP) takes it to Hintertux, and there's even some ├╝ber Eurocarving from Jean Nerva. Smooth. Surfing sluff slides, getting wild in kinked u-ditches... see grommets, shredding was way rad even before your dad humped mamma, although thankfully they've dropped the race footage from today's shred flicks.

We'd let you know more but Burrows, the office elder statesman, has bolted to the bairn.