There are only types of people : Either you are a Swedish snowboarder or you aren't. For both of you we have unearthed this classic Swedish snowboard movie from 2003. Flavour will either make you really nostalgic (if you belong to type #1) or it will give you a good insight into the Swedish scene of the beginning of the new millennium (if you don't happen to be Swedish).

Whatever may be the case - this is as good a Time Travel Tuesday as it can get. Classic snowboarding, famous snowboarders, a good vibe, and this je-ne-sais-quoi of the temps perdu. (I'd have loved to say something in Swedish not French but those Scandinavian languages all sound like an Ikea bookshelf to me).

Featured riders: Ronnie Andersson, Hampus Mosesson, Jonas Wilhelmson, Martin Sandberg, Stefan Karlsson, Fredrik Sarvell, Björn Lindgren, Fredrik Blom, Johan Hising and many more.