This Tuesday's lookback into snowboarding's glorious past finds Shawn Farmer's seminal part from 1991's Fall Line Films release, Critical Condition. It is just plain awesome.

Shawn Farmer was arguably snowboarding's original badass. Not only did he have the attitude, he had the slightly unhinged, hell for leather approach to snowboarding that always marks out certain riders from their more technically proficient peers. From his early part in the original Totally Board, to this gem from Critical Condition, Farmer's riding was always nothing short of balls out... hell, he even stepped it up in his 40s to ride backcountry booters with Shaun White and Travis Rice in First Descent a couple years back. And did we mention attitude? He was brash, unashamed and ever ready to flip the bird whenever he saw fit, making him the perfect poster boy for snowboarding's early, more punk rock years.

Check this rewind to re-live a time when rapping your part's tune, riding 2m+ boards and flat landings were no big deal. As he says, "We do it my way and this is my resume..."