Devun Walsh's backcountry freestyle masterclass from the year 2000's MDP release, The Resistance, still holds up as a solid part by today's standards.

As the new millennium began Mack Dawg Productions released not only one movie, but two. The first was their standard stock of ├╝bershreds throwing down but the second was solely devoted to arguably the finest snowboard team on the planet at the time - the Forum 8.

The movie blew minds and it's common to hear tales of todays top riders recalling how they watched The Resistance so much they burned the tape out. Devun's part is memorable for not only showing full-on backcountry freestyle in its finest form (not to mention the timeless Walsh back 1), but also for the fact that, due to injury that season, his section was filmed in a mere six days. SIX DAYS!