In a perhaps slightly desperate ploy to make up for lost revenue owing to the X Games pulling out of Europe, Tignes have installed what appears to be the first ever ski/snowboard bungee jump. Trust us, we were just as confused as you.

If simply going snowboarding wasn't enough, the clever marketing folk at Tignes put their heads together and came up with a new concept for a new mountain attraction.

For those of you who have always dreamt about snowboarding off a ramp and falling towards your demise, only to be whipped up by a bungee cord at the last second, this new attraction in Tignes is right up your street...

Now we're not sure whether Dougie decided at the last minute that he wasn't comfortable sending it off a platform with a few strings around his waist or if he genuinely caught an edge right before leaving the lip. Either way, his misfortune makes for some solid amusement.