Among all those Mt Hood and Whistler summer camp edits let's not forget it doesn't always take a glacier to go summer riding. The people at Woodward at Copper in Colorado knew this and just keep sessioning a big dirty pile of snow and a lot of rails all summer. Here's a good edit of their sixth session from CandyGrind.

Woodward at Copper is the best! Keeping it real all summer long! The premiere snowboard and skateboard camp of Colorado. With a stock pile of snow sticking around until the snow returns to CO! Snowboarding in the morning, and training in the evening; kids are literally progressing so much. The barn is the world's greatest training facilities for snowboarding, and skateboarding. With an incredible staff of coaches and counselors, your bound to progress and have the time of your life at this amazing camp. Super big thanks to Woodward at Copper! SO FUN!!