Check the teaser for this interesting-looking documentary concentrating on the rise of the crew of riders involved in the northern Norwegian snowboard scene of the 90s, their disappearance and their comeback today.

As you'll know, Norwegians are pretty much bossing freestyle snowboarding right now and, really, that's nothing new. From Kleveland to Horgmo to Wiig to Franck, Terje and co. the Norse bloodline has been both long and strong since kids up there discovered the stunt stick. Carl Christian Lein Størmer decided there was a story to tell focussing on the crew who were holding things down in Tromsø back in the 90s and see where they're at now. This is certainly one for the Scandiphiles to bookmarks, and for those who like something other than your run-of-the-mill bangfest too.

Coming January 2014