VonZipper, Nixon & Advita have teamed up to FSU with their team mission-based shred comp, The OverAll. There's gonna be some sick shredding in this from the likes of Tyler Chorlton, Valerian Ducourtil, Wojtek Pawlusiak and more, plus - judging by this teaser - a bunch of mischief making too. Rejoice!

Here's the balls-deep lowdown...

One week, three teams, 83 missions.

Fueled by Monster Energy Drinks, in collaboration with Onboard and Mpora, the riders had to go through a list of missions mixing snowboarding, booze, funbags, and balls.

Valérian Ducourtil, Aymeric Tonin, Laurent Duhalde, and Allessandro Boyens represented VonZipper.

Tyler Chorlton, Wojtek Pawlusiak, and David Bertschinger Karg were holding it down for Nixon.

Fred Couderc, Micke Stahlberg, Kuba Dytkowski, and Stepan Rokos were keeping it real for Advita.

This is the trailer announcing the three episodes for the first season featured on Onboard in January 2013.

This is the OverAll.