The OVERALL – Episode 1

After the promising teaser, we’re stoked to be able to bring you the first full edit from the shredfest/junkshow that was the inaugural OVERALL. Naked spins, beer-guzzling front 3s, backflips on a hard boot board and Wojtek Pawlusiak totally bossing it are just some of the highlights.

Now, there are two ways you can approach watching this: 1) Sit back, relax, and have no idea what all the points popping up count for as you enjoy a barrage of fun shredding, sick shredding and goofing around. 2) Read all this stuff…

VonZipper, Nixon, & Advita
One week, three teams, and 83 missions.
Fueled by Monster Energy Drinks, in collaboration with Onboard and Mpora, the riders had to go through a list of missions mixing snowboarding, booze, tits, and balls.
This is the first video of the three episodes for the first season featured on Mpora in January 2013.
This is the Overall.


Every team is given a book of 83 challenges to be completed over 6 days with as many goals as they can being shot by a camera to validate their tasks.
The team adding the most points will win the OVERALL and will be rewarded with a 2000€ Prize Money.


The teams are made of 3 riders plus a cameramen or 4 riders shooting themselves.
Only one team rider can win the points for one challenge, except for the Team Sessions.
Filmed by a cameramen or by themselves, the teams have to show the jury the goals they have completed by delivering their footage.
The winner is the team that gathered the most points over the week.


VonZipper: Valérian Ducourtil, Aymeric Tonin, Laurent Duhalde, and Allessandro Boyens.
Nixon: Tyler Chorlton, Wojtek Pawlusiak, and David Bertschinger Karg.
Advita: Fred Couderc, Micke Stahlberg, Kuba Dytkowski, and Stepan Rokos.

Alcohol Missions:

100 – Coin Game in the red lift eggs.
100 – Game of Schna.
100 – Buffalo to a person from another team.
100 – stick a glass of Génépi on your body and cheer with a teammate (double points if you stick it on your ass).

Action Missions:

100 – have a cop say: “c’est l’Overall aux Diablerets ou bien ?”.
50 – make a hight five with a cop.
50 – make a high five with a cat driver.
50 – drink a beer with a cat driver.
50 – ride a bungie with no snowboard.
100 – throw up once in the week.
100 – have a person from another team do a mission for you.
100 – have a girl show her tits.
100 – have two girls make out.
100 – make out with a fat girl.
150 – make out with a old lady.
200 – eat the same food for 48 hours. (Paté Parfait)
150 – drink beer for 48 hours.
150 – break a skier’s sticks.
50 – throw a bucket of water on another team.
50 – ride a sled standing up and take a jump.
50 – draw with a marker on a person from another team.
10 – buy a lift pass.
150 – snake a lift pass.
200 – have a wig all week long.
200 – have a hair color all week long.

Obligatory Missions:

ATTENTION : – 1000 if not done.

– find the location of the Ronald McDonald with the bipper and make a Miller Flip on it.
– do a snowboard mission at 4am.
– do 5 missions being disguised (including the mission at 4am). II

Fun Snowboard Missions:

100 – ride a snowmobile.
50 – ride a spot with a tow car.
50 – ride holding a vehicle.

100 – Ollie a 1m obstacle without a kicker.
50 – light up a fire and make a One Foot over it.
75 – drink a beer while doing a 3-6 FS or BS.
50 – Homies 3-6: over your team.

100 – T-Bar 3-6 Flip.
25 – gap over the T-Bar’s cat track.
100 – jump from a chair lift going up.
75 – fake a Slam to stop the chair lift.

200 – 4 jumps in a row: 3-6 BS to 3-6 FS to 7-2 BS to 7-2 FS. (double points if done without lift pass)
200 – 3 jumps in a row: X Rocket to Backflip to Frontflip. (double points if done without lift pass)
100 – 2 jumps in a row: make 2 jumps in a row doing a Wheeling at all times.

100 – 3-6 FS Stale Fish naked.
200 – Back Flip holding hands.
100 – 3 tricks in a row with crazy angles. (40/40 + the 2nd trick has to be in Fakie)
100 – Tail Grab One Foot (back foot attached) and Benihana. (one the same spot with the same rider)

50 – Superman Air.
100 – Christ Air.
50 – Kick Flip.

100 – stomp a kicker with blinded eyes.
100 – stomp a box with blinded eyes.

Tech Snowboard Missions:

200 – Double Cork.
150 – Cab 9 Nose Grab.
100 – Switch FS Hand Plant.
100 – 3-6 One Foot.
100 – Pole Jam Wallride.
100 – Cab 2-7 Hardway to rail.
100 – Frontboard 5-4 out.
75 – Fastplant transfer to rail.
50 – Switch BS Air.
50 – Frontflip to rail.
50 – Switch Frontboard on street rail.
100 – Nollie & Fakie Ollie on a stair set. (min 6 stairs)
100 – 50/50 & Switch 50/50 on a 10 stairs rail.
75 – Boardslide on a wood rail.
150 – BS 3-6 & FS 3-6 to rail.
100 – FS Lipslide Lay Back

Alpin Snowboard Missions:

50 – rent a alpin snowboard at Snow Culture Board Shop and pull a :
50 – Backflip.
50 – FS 5-4.
50 – Cab 3.
50 – Backside Air.
50 – Straightleg.

Team Missions:

75 – Pole Jam Session: one different trick per rider.
50 – Mini Ramp Session in Leysin: do a Crossover with a teammate.
75 – Wallride Session: one different trick per rider.
100 – Rail Session by night: one different trick per rider on a street rail with street light.
100 – Jib Session at the Chalet Budokan.
100 – Do a snowboard trick in a skate park.
100 – Bring a girl to the party at the Chalet Budokan on Friday night : 100 points for every girl that shows up.

Prank Missions:

100 – the best prank done to the other team.
100 – most people slashed in the week.
100 – most thongs and bras collected in the week.


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