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Have yourselves a first look at footage for the Swoosh's three-part team video project, cunningly titled The Nike Snowboarding Project. Wallop!

Before we start waxing lyrical about Nike's video project, look out for Peetu's backside air towards the end of this. DOUBLE WALLOP!

Nike, it's fair to say, are not short of a bob or two and have assembled one of the finer, all-round-ripping-from-street-to-backcountry-to-contests-to-pipe kinda teams on the planet. Look at the names, just LOOK at them. They've also enlisted the help of three of snowboarding's finest filmmaking lensemen to produce three short films – Joe Carlino, Brad Kremer and Justin Hostynek – and this here is the teaser for them. A mish mash of heavy riding and dicking around that, like the team, looks like it'll have all aspects of the shred covered.

Each filmer hooked up with a particular crew of riders and the results will be released over the coming weeks. Here's the deets and dropping dates:

16.10.2012 - A short film by Joe Carlino. Featuring the riding of Johnnie Paxson, Jess Kimura, Halldor Helgason, Justin Bennee and Jed Anderson.

13.11.2012 - A short film by Brad Kremer. Featuring the riding of Sage Kotsenburg, Louie Vito, Gjermund Braaten, Jamie Nicholls, Danny Kass, Ethan Morgan, Jan Scherrer, Peetu Piiroinen and Austin Smith.

11.12.2012 - A short film by Justin Hostynek. Featuring the riding of Gigi Ruf, Nicolas Muller, Danny Kass and Eric Jackson.

Check out the latest at NikeSnowboarding.com/getlacedup