The Helgasons have dropped their edit from the Icelandic madness that was the AK Extreme big air. We've already seen the rail jam edit, you can re-watch the full live stream and here are some choice big air highlights cut together.

Of course, the AK Extreme would not be complete without the Helgason brothers, plus their best bud and all-round boss Gulli Gudmundsson, who are all practically Icelandic royalty these days.

The boys put on a hell of a show for the spectators complete with laid-out jerk-off backflips and a sick one-footed backside 180 by Gulli. Viktor Helgi Hjartarson took the overall win at the event.

The set up was as sketchy as ever, with a drop in ramp once again constructed from shipment containers stacked on top of each other, and the fire, fireworks and copious amounts of unidentified Icelandic liquor combined for another unforgettable AK Extreme.

Rumour has it that half the population of Akureyri (8000 people) came along to watch the show and when there's this much cool shit to gawk at, we're hardly surprised. Yep, the snowboard scene in Iceland is definitely alive and well.