Is there ever a bad time to ride Laax? By the look of these monthly edits, apparently no. Look out for tiny weeny riders sending it over not so teeny booters, and the questionable new swiss fashion of having your jacket only done up at the collar. This has us wondering exactly how irritating it must be if your jacket wraps itself over your head halfway through every trick. Anyways, here's two and a half minutes to distract you from real life.

Riders: James Niederberger, Jah Harris, Joos Caviezel, Mättu Wattinger, Bastian Jaslin,Tobias Supertramp, Thomas Laich, Denis Leontyev. Mary Luggen, Stéphanie Kauert, Stefano Giudici, Marco Lazzaroni, Elio Fumagalli and Boris Bühler!

Music: Rex Lobo - Ride (Original Remix)

Camera & Edit by Blumepictures