The legendary Norwegian – still holder of the highest quarterpipe air in the game – swaps his snowboard for a snowskate and crushes it with his buddy Mark McMorris.

Snowskating. It was kind of a thing for a couple of years around the turn of the century, but since then – aside from the frankly mindblowing edits from the Ambition Snowskates dudes – it's pretty much dropped off the map. But the last couple of years a couple of pros have been dusting off the old 'skate deck with a snowblade bolted to the bottom' that had lain forgotten at the back of the garage and taking it out for a spin again.

Terje – unsurprisingly due to his freakish talents on a board – is pretty damned handy at it, as is Mark McMorris, with shuv-its, no complys, one-footers and even backflips thrown around like it ain't no thang.

As The Sprocking Cat himself says of the snowskate in this edit: "What I like about snowskating is it makes small hills big again. My local hill, here in Oslo, it's almost like Chamonix when I snowskate. The small park is fun again, but it's still big because you're on the snowskate."

Snowsk8 edit featuring Terje Haakonsen with guest appearance by Mark McMorris.

Video By Leo Cittadella (@leocittadella)