Kiwi pow ripper Will Jackways is dropping his own movie this fall called 'Interpretation'. Expect bottomless powder, some high quality navel gazing and plenty of awesome snowboarding from Mr. Jackways.

You can always count on Will Jackway's for some quality backcountry snowboarding that'll have you pining for some bottomless turns and powder faceshots. His recent Monster Energy edit from Japan was the perfect example of the direction Will is taking his snowboarding: to new countries and cultures in search of the best snow on the planet.

To be able to generate speed, to pump off the mountain feels amazing. You're in touch with yourself when you're riding that sort of stuff.

From what we can gather from the teaser, 'Interpretation' will document Will's relationship with the mountains and aside from presenting some beautifully shot riding - both backcountry freeride and freestyle, should give us a pretty good idea of what runs through Will's mind when he's hiking to a new line or dropping into an untouched face.

Granted, it's all pretty standard snowboard navel gazing, but the quality of riding we've come to expect from Will has us excited for this one nonetheless.

The full documentary is set to drop online in November 2014 but until then, you'll have to make do with these teasing powder shots and that enchanting Kiwi accent in the trailer...

Directed and Edited by Tim Pearce