We'r Pomali is a recently established crew and here is a couple words from them.

"We are a syndicate of talented and creative people who come together for an easy lifestyle. We share our passions and creativity. Board Sports and Multimedia are connected in one crew. Snowboarders, Skaters, dj's and Film producers sharing the fun of living."

Their upcoming snowboard movie is featuring Marius Carp, Marvin Salmina, Roland Scharmer, Lukas Baueregger, Lukas Brandauer, Gerald Fuchs, Christoph Klaushofer, Martin Kratzer, Bernhard Kratzer, Roman Röth, Dusan Simko and Martin Blasko.

You can catch the premiere on 19th October 2013 at Circus Deluxse 2013!

Facebook - We'r Pomali

Homepage - We'r Pomali