Russian snowboard crew WeAre2012 are back with a heavy new teaser for their new movie Kacceta 1.

If you were wondering how to pronounce the name of the teaser, it's essentially 'cassette-a', and as you may be able to infer from that, Kacceta 1 translates to 'Full Tape 1'. Of course, this isn't the crew's first movie, with last year's 'Capitals' being a straight-up sick showcase of the depth of talent in the Russian snowboard scene.

From the looks of the new teaser, Kacceta 1 is shaping up to be equally, if not even more heavy, with some crazy looking spots and the level of snowboarding to match. Check out the fullpipe hand-drag at 00.36, the crazy kink rail front board at 00.51 and the ridiculously long 50-50 at 00.52. We're digging the dark, grungy feel of the teaser to, which pairs up well with the rough, heavily graffitied look of the spots.

And while these guys may think they are 2012, the snowboarding in this is as current as it comes. Stay tuned for the full movie in the fall, it's gonna be banger.

Featuring Artem Smolin, Maxim Tikhonov, Kirill Krivov, Egor Mamaev, Iura Rudchik, Artem Moskvichev, Maxim Kruglov, Vanja Gribkov and friends.