It's a sign of the times that there are edits out there calling themselves 'movies' that are shorter than this, the teaser for Absinthe Films' latest full-lengther.

It looks like TurboDojo (nope, us neither) will feature the familiar (gnarly POV lines, Nicolas Müller throwing methods in Japan, Mikkel Bang) alongside the relatively unknown (Enzo Nilo, who joins from Almo Films) - all wrapped up in the usual Absinthe high production values.

Like all good trailers, there's a few WTF moments in the mix too. From Hans Mindnich's rodeo at 1.41 to Brandon Cocard getting stumped at 2.09, there's more than enough here to make you glad that Justin Hostynek is still lugging his camera bag into the wilderness.

TurboDojo will be available to buy soon.